Orthopedic NP?

  1. Hi. Anyone out there an Orthopedic NP? What degree do you have? Where did you get it/ which schools? Do you have hospital privledges/ OR privledges? I'm considering my NP options, and wasn't sure exactly what this entailed.
    Thanks All!!
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  3. by   jer_sd
    To the best of my understanding there are not orthopedic NP programs yet. If you graduate from a NP program and have state license with a set number of orthopedic experience you can take the new orthopedic NP exam.

    Credentialing in a hospital may require a RNFA program or significant proctoring. Acute care might limit you to hospital only. I would vote for adult or family NP and possibly RNFA if you can swing it. Having elective rotations in ortho might also be a good idea in your NP program.

  4. by   cormann
    I know this topic came up a while back...I found this link while doing a little research.


    I will be attending UNC in the Spring but haven't started yet and don't know much more about this program then what this website details.

  5. by   JLynnOR
    I know of one Ortho NP and one Neuro NP. Neither went through any specific training programs, although the Ortho one was an RNFA first.

    I, too, am interested in becoming an Ortho NP and was excited to learn a few wks ago about the UNC Ortho Residency Program for NPs.

    I think that you need to have a strong knowledge of the physical challenge that Ortho presents, some time at least observing in the OR during Totals, and I'd recommend networking with Ortho professionals in the region that you want to work. What doctors have told me is "NP vs. PA doesn't really matter--If you're good, we'll hire you!"