Nurse practitioner in pain management?

  1. Just thought I would ask here, through my journey into a new field of nursing, I have had primary focus in PACU and working for a pain service on the side. I've actually gotten quite used to working in the pain management areas and was wondering what my options are for this field in advance practice? I currently have my ADN and just over a year of experience, so have a ways before I get into the NP range. The closest I have found is CRNA school, which frankly is an aspect I don't specifically have an interest in. I noticed there's a pain management test on the AACN website, but I could get that cert without even going for my NP. Just thought I'd check and see what some options or avenues are available.
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  3. by   lvICU
    In my old hospital we had a CNS that worked as part of the pain management/palliative care team. I also have been looking at job postings for NPs since I graduate in August and I have seen several job listings looking for NPs for pain management clinics. Not sure exactly what that entails but I think that you would work under an anesthesiologist.
  4. by   djmatte
    Would I shoot for an NP target as a FNP for such a role or more toward an ANP? CNS is interesting, but not exactly an area I am necessarily shooting for because NP seems to me the more focused on the medical process which could be more geared toward the long term pain management. Thanks for the input!