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This has been a heated discussion between some of my friends and I, so I thought I would bring it to the forum. Should people who are going through a DNP programs and taking the SAME test we all... Read More

  1. by   lynnaprn
    Doctors do not own "Dr.". They own physician. There are doctors of philosophy, english, anthropology....and nursing. If you have a DNP, you have earned the title "Dr.". Not physician.
  2. by   nursegirl2001
    Ohhhh I love it !!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I love this post !!!!!!!!!!!!! ........ ... ...
  3. by   nursegirl2001

    Excellent post !!!!! Physicians are threatened by the hard and effective work that advanced practice nurses are achieving. Too bad !!! We have a job to do and we are doing it well !!!! I for one, have no desire or the financial aid for that matter, to obtain a DNP nor do I have the time to pursue one as I want to get out and practice in the ARNP role. I have children to raise and bills to pay so I can't afford to get a nursing doctorate. I sure wished I could though as this would make doctors pretty aggravated !!!!! ... ...
  4. by   Psychcns
    I read somewhere that physicians got all their power because early on they enacted legislation in every state to protect their practice. They did everything (medicine and surgery) and it was illegal for anyone to infringe on their area which was everything. Perhaps someone else read this paper and can add to this..
  5. by   Sugah Britches
    Doctor originates from the latin and is an agentive noun meaning to teach. Orginally it was used by the church to denote the Apostles. Physicians confiscated the title Dr from academia to give more credence to their profession, I guess Mister was not prestigious enough. I once got into a discussion with a rather indignant ER MD who was rather vocal about other healthcare professionals who are not "real" doctors using the title Dr in the hospital setting, stating it is confusing to the patients.. my retort was, Well I certainly hope you do not use the title Dr "outside" of the hospital, I would hate for you to confuse all those University students into thinking you are a "real" professor.