NPs in Plastics

  1. Are there NPs that work w/ Plastic or Reconstructive Surgeons? If so is that most likely schooling as an Acute Care NP? Thanks!
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  3. by   MikeyJ
    I don't have any firsthand knowledge persay; however I have heard of NP's (not sure if they are acute or family) that have been employed in successful plastic surgeon offices. As far as I understand they are mostly involved with the post-op visits.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    I know of a plastic surgeon in this area that has a team of NP's who manage wound care for his patients in the hospital and LTC. When he had the job posting, he did not specify a preference for ACNP, ANP, or FNP. Since it is a wound care position, someone with a CWOCN certification would probably be preferable.
  5. by   jer_sd
    One weakness of NP education is the lack of surgical training. The majority of plastics is done in an outpatient setting not acute hosiptal with multiple comorbities for the patients. Realistically as a NP in a plastics office you would be doing noninvasive treatments such as laser, IPL, fillers ect... Family or adult would be adequate initial training, but be prepared for a lot of procedural training in the different modalities. ACNP I do not feel woudl prepare you for this role since most patients are healthy. Again I am biased with limited experience since I work in this field only one shift a month.

    For large procedures you might have some benifit for RNFA type training but depending on the state you may not need it technically (but it is good training) but again the majrity of procedures face lift, eye job, ect does not require a surgical assistant and the MD can pay a scrub tech and keep you in clinic generating revenue. Now breast reduction can use an assistant sometimes ect.....

  6. by   aviator411
    If you check the various job posting sites you will see numerous opportunities for NP's and PA's in plastic/cosmetic surgery. I used to check the Florida PA organization's web site and there were frequent postings in that specialty for NP or PA's. Most are willing to provide some training.

    Good luck!