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  1. I am in negotiation with an MD about working as NP in his office. He has agreed to my hourly rate, and then told me he was planning to have me work without a medical assistant. I told him I have never done this, and cannot guarantee the same numbers we discussed (if I have to bring patients in to room, do vitals, weight, then exam, write in chart, then clean up room). In this situation I would be working on his day off, with just a receptionist.
    I am wondering if anyone else works in this way, in an office alone, without an assistant. If so, how has it been?
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    I've done this twice in two different clnics. The first one was o.k. No real issues. Only had the receptionist. But, that clinic was one where the traffic was exceptionally low.

    The other one was impossible for the reasons you pointed out in your post. It was not a good fit and I left after a short time.
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    Thanks for your reply. Do you remember how many patients you saw per hour in the first situation?
    I am trying to keep an open mind about this, but part of me feels - I didn't obtain a masters degree to clean rooms..
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    In the second clinic, I did it all. ECGs, updrafts, all meds, hx, px, vitals, transfers, labs, order supplies, met with sales reps, handwrite charts, suturing, foreign body removal........chief-cook-and-bottle-washer, janitor. (I cringe thinking about it)

    I saw approx. 25-30 patients for the 8-hour appointment day. And, most were walk-ins. Then, would stay late to do final cleaning necessary and chart catch-up. The receptionist helped to clean. This was a VERY rural area.

    The first clinic was a rural area, but like I said, traffic was low. Saw 10 patients a day on a good day. Plenty of time to gather your thoughts. No real issues and no personal safety issues like with the second clinic.

    I wrote all the policies and procedures for both clinics as well. It was almost impossible to do so with the second clinic.
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    Thanks again
    I am thinking this opportunity is great financially for me, but without collaboration of the MD (his day off) and with no assistant it may be awfully lonely professionally.
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    Good luck with whatever you decide, alexNP.