NP Job Market and Pay in Boston Area?

  1. I'm just wondering if any Boston-area NP students or recent graduates can give me an idea of how easy or difficult is to get a practitioner job in the Boston area, is there a lot of competition to get jobs, and what kind of pay and benefits are available? I know it can vary from state to state, and none of the available job listings I read on the internet seem to give pay information. Thank you!
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  3. by   luckylady5
    Does anyone have any info? Thanks!
  4. by   TPfan24
    I live in the vicinity of Boston and since I continue to look into positions available, I have seen many job postings for Boston. I suggest checking the site There you will find many positions listed for this area some with salary info.
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    I graduated in May 2009 as an FNP and really had no trouble finding a job. I took a lower paying job in a community health center so I would be eligible for a National Health Service contract for loan forgiveness. The risk paid off as I was awarded the contract. All of my FNP classmates had jobs within 6-8 weeks of graduation. I believe the other specialties (adult, pedi, women's) faced more of a challenge finding positions. I'm not sure how the market is for psych, as the one person I knew has only recently started looking for a position. is a great place to look for positions. I would also recommend joining the MA Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, as they have very active job listings. I have seen salary ranges run from 75,000 to 90,000 for new grads.
  6. by   dragonballz
    Sorry for digging out the old thread again.

    I have an interview for psych NP position there and I am looking to move there. Any input for current NP salary or per hour rate for salary negotiation during the interview?
    The cost of living is pretty high there. I try to plug in the starting rate here in my state at the website City Profile It shows that I have to earn $40,000 more in Boston to receive the same standard of living It would impossible to NP salary to be that high even in Boston.
    I guess.. people who live there are either very rich or have to sacrifice their good standard of living to be in this city.

    Please help... so I won't end up accepting unfair salary and being shocked with the cost of living after moving (if I get the offer).
  7. by   BCgradnurse
    I think needing $40,000 more a year is exaggerated. It's expensive here, but not by that much! Rents in certain areas are very high, but you can find nice housing outside the city or in smaller buildings with less amenities.

    You can expect salaries to range from mid $80s and up. Psych NPS are in demand so you might be able to get a higher rate. Pay may be higher within Boston itself, and a little lower in the suburbs.

    Start looking on Craigslist or now to get an idea of rents in different areas of the city. Good luck on your interview!
  8. by   luckylady5
    Dragonballz, please let us know how your job interview goes and pass on any useful information! I am still (3 years later) trying to determine if this is the right move for me, as I have young children and they keep me so unbelievably busy, I almost feel guilty at the thought of moving forward with my plan, but it is something that I think about every single day. My second biggest concern is the financial factor - 5 kids, a mortgage, tuitions etc...I can never seem to get a concrete answer re: pay scale; most of the jobs listed on just don't address pay at all! For many people, there is a big difference in starting off making $60,000 versus $90,000+, especially when I already have lots of debt! Thanks in advance and best of luck to you