NP in Cosmetic Surgery Office?

  1. I am a WHNP-DNP student and, although I love women's health, I am interested in working in cosmetic surgery in the future.

    I understand that many plastic surgeons hire PA's to work both in the office and also to assist in surgery, but I am curious as to whether they might hire an NP strictly for seeing patients in the office and performing in-office procedures (injectables and laser treatments). (I live in FL and RN's are not legally permitted to do injectables)

    Do plastic surgeons hire NP's for their offices, and if they do, is there a preference for specialty? (specifically FNP vs. WHNP)
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  3. by   Goldenfox
    You might find more information about this in the aesthetics forum. But I'd like to pitch in that you can assist plastic surgeons in surgery as an NP if you have First Assist credentials.

    I've never researched RN scope of practice in relation to aesthetics, but I do know that NPs in Florida can do injectibles. They are allowed to do this and other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures with appropriate training and in tandem with physician supervision protocols that are required by the state. Laser is different because the Florida board of nursing doesn't include operating laser equipment under any nursing scope of practice. You will need to do an electrologist course in addition to your NP training if you want to operate laser equipment and Florida statute requires that you are supervised by a physician while you are using it. There is a bit of a gray area there when it comes to laser' The law is very clear about using laser for hair removal, but no so much about laser treatments of the skin. I know NPs in Florida who run their own aesthetics business, but they have to pay a physician a considerable fee every month to 'supervise' them and review their charts.

    It doesn't matter whether you are a WHNP or a FNP, aesthetics is it's own specialty and you will need additional training.
  4. by   cer81
    Thank you for the info! I didn't see the aesthetics forum before- I will see what I can find there.