NHSC scholarship, direct entry PNP, service fulfillment prospects

  1. I'm thinking about applying to both the HRSA NHSC Scholarship and Nursing Scholarship Program. I already have an interest in working with medically underserved populations, so this program would be great for me. However, I'm worried that if I get a scholarship I will have trouble finding a job to fulfill my service requirements (Of course, I'm operating under the generous assumption that I will even receive one of these elusive scholarships when I apply!)

    My concerns are:

    1) I will be a PNP DE graduate with little nursing experience in--will critical need facilities hire me? Does HRSA find a job for me if I can't find one?

    2) The HRSA job search engine does not list any current openings for PNPs...this program looks more promising for physicians or FNPs.

    Obviously, many hospitals are HRSA approved service fulfillment sites, which might be more applicable to the Loan Repayment program, but I'm specifically asking about primary care, which more often occurs in clinics and outpatient settings.

    Are there are any former HRSA scholars who are NPs out there to answer this??

    Would I be better off applying to the Loan Repayment program when I graduate and find work?
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  3. by   bluecloud
    Did you ever get feedback about this question? i wonder the same thing...What did you decide to do?
  4. by   t_heart
    No, I never received an answer, but I did some research...

    Direct-entry (DE) programs, from what I understand, aren't eligible for NHSC. It is unclear if DE programs qualify for the Nursing Scholarship Program... Reps from the program are terrible at answering this question. I decided not to apply to this scholarship because my EFC is a little over $5,500 which gives me pretty much zero chance at getting a scholarship. In the history of the program they have never awarded a scholarship to anyone whose EFC is over $5,500. I will be applying for loan forgiveness programs when I graduate. Good luck!
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    To my knowledge, DE programs ARE eligible for the NHSC scholar program. We precepted a DE NHSC scholar at my former job. She did have to re-locate to find a job. I was a NHSC loan re-payer (I'm a DE FNP). I worked at an urban community health center to fullfil my requirement. From what I understand, both the scholar and loan repayment programs are becoming harder to qualify for. I don't know of any PNPs who were able to qualify. The program is very much geared towards MDs, DOs, FNPs, and psych providers who provider primary, not specialty care. I don't see why PNPs wouldn't qualify, but I never met any either locally or at national conferences.
  6. by   t_heart
    BCgradnurse, thanks for sharing your experience. The eligibility requirements for this year state direct-entry students are ineligible to apply. See #3 below...

    "Applicants are ineligible if they are:

    (1) Enrolled in a physician assistant (P.A.) program and are specializing in areas other than primary health care. For example, P.A. programs with a surgical or emergency room focus;

    (2) In the pre-professional phase of their health professions education. For example, taking undergraduate pre-requisites for admission to a P.A. training program;

    (3) Enrolled in a nursing Bridge Program. For example, RN-MSN, BSN-MSN, Direct Entry, Graduate Pre-specialty or Entry to Practice programs; OR

    (4) Pursuing a doctoral degree in nursing."

    This is a shame, isn't it? The Nursing Scholarship Program states pretty much the same but the term "direct entry" is not included, suggesting that DE students can apply. However, one person in my program contacted the reps who said recipients would have to fulfill their service requirements immediately after receiving RN licensure, meaning a person would need to take a long break from their program...

    I also wish I took a nice vacation last year to make my EGC <5,500 instead of trying to be financially prudent about school... I would have made a great candidate because I have loads of experience with underserved youth (minority, immigrant (legal and illegal), incarcerated, mental health, homeless, low income, drug-affected, etc) and want to continue serving these populations when I become a pediatric primary care NP. My tuition alone for 3 years (without living expenses) will be into 6 figures and it's really a shame there aren't more scholarships that I qualify for as a direct-entry student.
  7. by   mzaur

    I know this is a year later, but hopefully you are still around. Those requirements are not for the loan repayment program, but rather the NHSC Scholars program, which covers nursing school tuition. You can still do a DE program and then work at an NHSC site, which now gives $60k loan repayment. I know that the high cost of DE programs is scary, but you'll easily pay back the loans