Need advice-FNP or Adult Practitioner?

  1. I am in need of advice from nurses who are currently working as FNP's or ANP's. I am trying to decide which road to take. I hear different things about each of these tracks. I live in Michigan my concerns are essentially about marketablity. I am at crunch time and need to have my application in by January to start next fall 2007. Is it easy to find employment after completion of the graduate program? Where are most new NP's working? What should be the expectation as far as starting salaries? These are questions not answered by the literature offered at most Universities.

    Any advice would be helpful, or even just relaying your experience in school and as a new NP would be appreciated.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Marketability is one important factor to consider. Where do you see the NP's getting hired? Hospitals, clinics, private practices? I would advise speaking to an NP who works in your area to find out what the job forecast is. Good luck...
  4. by   ERNP
    FNP is more marketable generally due to education across the life span. Can see adults like an ANP and can see kids like a PNP.