locum as a new grad NP

  1. Like many others on here, I have just graduated with my FNP and am currently looking for a job. I have been contacted by several recruiters about locum positions. I am wondering, however, if this is a good choice for a new grad NP. I have been an RN for 12 years, 11 of those in the ER and have been a travel nurse for 5 years. I know as a travel nurse, there is very little support and you are expected to hit the ground running on your first day.

    Has anyone worked locums as a new grad?
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  3. by   aprnKate
    I would at least get a 6-12 months NP experience before jumping into locums unless, of course, it was agreed that you would get trained and a proper orientation for the facility. I started being a locums NP after 10 months of experience and I did fine but I was also left to manage a clinic by myself for my first permanent job so I got used to the autonomy.

    I once trained a new grad NP fresh out of school with no NP experience whatsoever and she did not do so well she ended up leaving the assignment early. I really don't suggest it but of course it all depends on the individual as well.

    As locums, they expect you to hit the ground running and depending on the assignment they expect you to see X amount of patients per day. So if you can negotiate training involvement and a fair amount of patient based on your experience to see may be it can work out.