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  1. Just wondered if anyone went to Kennesaw State University for the NP program?
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  3. by   yellow finch
    I went there for my undergrad degree and am friends with the admissions officer for the NP program. Are you looking for something specific?
  4. by   1sttimetraveler
    Just wanting to know some of the specifics for the program. I am interested in applying for the Fall 2007 program.
  5. by   Germanicus
    I finished at Kennesaw in 99. I can say that it was a good experience. I had good teachers although a lot of the content was presented by guest lecturers and by us, the students. You will get hit pretty hard the first semester by having to take the physical assesment course, pathophysiology and pharmacology all at once. The hardest semester for me was the summer when we took research. 16 weeks of work is crammed into 10 but the worst thing was that the teacher was kind of unreasonable at times. I can't remember her name but she was the assistant dean at the time. I wasn't sure I had passed the class until I got my grades. The good part is that they have a lot of resources to help with the statistics portion. Finding a good clinical assignment is sometimes a problem. For Peds, I had to drive up to Calhoun from Roswell 3 days a week. It was a good setting but far away. There are some classes that have little to do with being a NP such as nursing theory and community health issues but if you show up and give a good presentation you should do fine. If you get in feel free to email me and I'll give you more info. Its been awhile since I was there but I know some of my old teachers are still around so I can give you some info on them too.
  6. by   npingeorgia
    Attended KSU NP program and graduated 2004. I had a wonderful experience there. The worst part was the first semester and the summer semester for me. There was some talk about changing the class load around some, not decreasing the number of classes but attempts to make each semester more balanced class load wise. We had the opportunity to do a study abroad in Xalapa Mexico which was a wonderful clinical and cultural experience. We also participated in the migrant worker program in Moultrie Ga. I think the school may be doing something different with the migrant program now. There was some talk about doing something in the north georgia area. The Mexico and migrant program were both optional clinical experiences, but would recommend them both. The program was great for me because it was offered every other weekend. This allowed me to continue working full time while attending school full time. I commuted from south georgia area to kennesaw,long drive but best option for me. I was able to complete my clinical experiences in south georgia where I lived and was able to arrange those experiences myself with KSU faculty making it official with the appropriate paperwork. Now would be the time to consider where you would like to do clinicals and with which NP,MD etc. Once they have agreed to do this for you, the faculty will get the paperwork done for you. Clinicals were not an issue for me, in fact the best part since I hand picked who I wanted to do my clinical rotations with.
    Good luck, email with any questions.