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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am soon to be a DNP, FNP-C grad. I have received a tentative job offer from Kaiser on the West Coast for doing an good capstone project for them. I would like to go in prepared to negotiate for what's fair given the area (high cost of living). According to a couple benefit sites, the average FNP pay is roughly $130k. I have been unable to locate a good source of PTO benefits apart from 2 weeks + 10-12 holidays during your first year. 2 weeks PTO for the 1st year, quite frankly, is a slap in the face given the degree, qualifications, and responsibilities. As an RN in home health & wound care, I have 4 weeks PTO in addition to pay for holidays and additional sick time now with a salary of roughly $105k/ per year. Also, Does anyone know if KP, during the credentialing process, will pay for or reimburse me the cost of the DEA license ($731.00)? Will KP likely offer, or should I request within my contract, a CME/CNE allotment of money and time off to either complete or attend?

    Thanks a bunch for any guidance!
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  3. by   aprnKate
    2 weeks with 10-12 holidays during your first year... pretty typical. I had 2 weeks of PTO and no sick leave, and only 3 holidays paid my first year (not from California). PTO is definitely good when I was a RN. I like working as a NP too much so I would not go back working as a RN. As far as DEA, CME/CEU $$$ you totally need to bring that up and negotiate. If you don't ask, there is a good chance you won't get want you want