Is it hard to find an NP job? Look that way...

  1. Hi. I am planning on going to nursing school and getting my MSN to be an NP. When I do job checks in the Mid-Atlantic area, I get a zillion returns for RN jobs, but hardly any for NP. How difficult is it to get a job as an NP??

    Thanks! Epona
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  3. by   NeuroMedic
    What are you planning on specializing in?

    Your best bet is a Trauma I center. For instance; Vanderbilt(where I work
    and attend Graduate Nursing School); We are a level I trauma facility.
    Each floor has RN, BSN; physicians, and Several NP's which review the
    pt careplans; give med orders, and liason between physicians based on
    current pt status as well as reports from the B.S.N.'s in an effort to
    ensure quality care in an everchanging healthcare system.
  4. by   Epona
    Thank you NeuroMedic. I am looking at general practice OR cardiac. I'm not all that interested in Trauma. Any suggestions?? Much thanks- Epona
  5. by   brownrice

    Do a simple search on the computer using words like NP jobs, or try PA jobs (since many places will hire either). You will find tons of ads for NP's. Just by reading these, you should get a feel for the demand that's out there, specialties, pay, etc. Try it!
  6. by   llg
    It really depends on the specific community. I have lived in several cities in which the local nursing schools have produced so many NP's that there is a lot of competition for the available jobs. The job market is saturated with qualified candidates. In other communities -- with no schools that produce NP's -- the job outlook can be very different.

    That's the situation where I currently live. The local nursing schools all have NP programs, but have not had programs producing graduates prepared for Nurse Administation, Nursing Staff Development, and/or Clinical Nurse Specialist positions. Guess where the job openings are? We struggle to find qualified people for nursing leadership positions in the hospital -- but have MSN-prepared NP's working as staff nurses because they can't find dedent NP jobs. It's not that way everywhere, but that has been the case in more than 1 city in which I have lived.

    I think you are very wise to investigate and explore before you make a big investment. Good luck to you!

  7. by   NeuroMedic
    Well; the reason I bring up Level I Trauma centers is because they are generally the largest facilities with the most diverse staff available.

    I haven't found very many small town hospitals that require NP's on staff.
    A Level 1; receiving thousands of pt needs all of the help it can get.
  8. by   gauge14iv
    Around here - most NP's are hired by word of mouth before there is ever a need to advertise, with the exception of hospital based NP's. Check with the local NP org in the area you are interested in, that would give you a more realistic picture.