I need your advice NPs.

  1. Hello nurse practitioners~

    I am thinking about going to grad. school next year to become a NP and I was wondering if I could get some realistic information regarding the career.

    Honestly, I am uncertain if this is the right choice.
    Medical school is very tempting these days but I am not sure if I want to switch to "medicine".

    I am one of those nurses who love & fully respect the philosophy and theories of nursing but want to be more autonomous and have the responsibility and ability to treat my patients' physical symptoms as well.

    I would love to hear from you how your typical day is like at work. :spin:
    i.e. how you collaborate with other healthcare professionals, how many pts. you see each day, if the day is more tiring than being a bedside nurse, salary and benefits, working hours, Pros and Cons of the job, etc.

    Any tips/info/advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I am a CNS in an NP role. I work for a large 15 MD practice with 8 mid-level providers (4 PAs, 3 NPs and me). The NPs see the chronic hemodialysis patients. I have two units - total of 200 patients. I am very autonomous and consult with my fellow midlevels and MDs on a prn basis. My typical day is 8-12 hours depending on what's going on. I have little paperwork and for that I'm glad. It is not as tiring as being a staff nurse in the ER where I used to work. However, it is stressful hoping you are doing the right thing and not missing something important. The buck stops with you a lot of the time.
  4. by   jer_sd
    my job is not routine but here is a breakdown of today working in interventional radiology;3 patient follow up visits two pvd, I subclavian stenosis. first assist in two cases. 2 consultations for varicose vein treatments. coordinate with onocologist concerning hcc treatment for a patient. Tube check and resuture a gtube for continious gastric evacuation. For my NP (full time) job I make less than 2 dollars an hour more than I do as an RN (part time) both have benefits. I enjoy the the np role more than that of a rn Jeremy
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  5. by   Rhfish2
    I worked as an ER nurse for "many" years prior to going to NP school. I am currently an FNP in a 11 MD primary care and cardiology practice, I am the only NP working with 2 PA's. I am autonomous, well resepcted, treated as a peer and professionally. It's all what you put into it.
  6. by   jasamidnp
    hi krnruby,
    i have been an np now for almost 4 yrs in a private practice neurology group in michigan. i see anywhere from 8-12 pts a day. i am the only np in a group of 6 md's. i am pretty autonomous for established pts. for new pts i bring the md in to do key parts of the h/p. salary is pretty good but i am in the process of renegotiating some salary issues...primarily bonus. my hours are good. 8-5 m-th and 8-12 on fridays. 2000 dollars CME money and 5 weeks vacation. good hours. no nights, weekends, holidays, or call
    hope this helps