how do FNP get into specialty areas?

  1. I'm in a FNP program (I can't switch tracks the school only offers FNP) and hearing more and more about NP having an easier time finding jobs by going into specialties.

    I hear about this from doctors and classmates that many FNP can do this by being 'trained' by an employer such as a specialty MD. I had thought this wasn't an option for me because I am in a FNP track (some schools offer more specific tracks like Pediatric NP), but if it's possible then I sure want to know more about it!

    Can anyone share experiences/stories?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    What about tailoring your clinical experience to a specific specialty? I knew that I wanted something fairly acute, so tailored my clinical hours to a surgery practice and an ER.

    In the end, there were no openings so I ended up in nephrology, but it was great experience.
  4. by   ERNP
    I spent the majority of my clinical time in the ER setting. I was required to spend 8 hours a week in the FP clinic so I did. However, I spent no less than 24 hours per week in clinicals in the ER and worked there another couple days a week. Well 11 - 11p... needed it to be busy for the variety.

    It was fabulous!!!