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  1. I started ANP/GNP program in Fall/2006. I need your advice about my clinical experiences. I work in a Nursing home PRN and I go to school full time. I don't have any experiences with working at the hospital and I think that maybe without this experience I may not be able to find a job as ANP/GNP easily. I am in a dilemma now because working PRN gives me very flexible schedule however it doesn't give me experience of working in hospital. I have experience of almost one year working in a Nursing home and also working with a nursing agency in different nursing homes. If there is any nurse manager or experienced NP in this forum ( which I am sure there is) I would like to now what is your suggestion. I have scholarship for my NP program and I have to go full time to school. I have two kids and a very supportive husband however I know working in hospital is different from working in nursing home and I am affraid I may not have the skills that are needed in hospital and I think I am not capabale of working in hospital. I don't know why. I take care of 24 patients in nursing home and at night I am charge nurse with 36 patients and I am very comfortable working at LTC as RN. Please let me know what you think. Thank you for your time.

    NP 2006
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    Hi NP 2006! Before posting my response, I went ahead and checked your profile and your previous posts just to get a better idea of your situation (I hope that didn't freak you out). I found out that you're in Michigan too!

    It seems apparent that you picked the ANP/GNP route because you have an interest in caring for older adults and the LTC setting is most comfortable for you to practice in. There are jobs for NP's in LTC in our state. I know of a few people who worked in nursing and rehab facilities as RN's and have moved on to become NP's either through employment by a long term care facility chain or with a physician group that provides MD and NP/PA staffing in nursing homes. I have even gotten mail from a large national nursing home chain announcing openings for NP's in their facilities in Michigan even though this is not my specialty.

    Nursing homes in our state need nurses with advanced degrees. I think that you can make a tremendous impact in improving the care seniors receive in nursing homes as an NP. You will be a great resource to the nurses on staff in these places and they will surely appreciate your expertise.

    My advice to you is to start networking with people that can get you a job in that setting. I would let the medical director in the facilities you work in know about your being an NP student and go from there. I would join MICNP, our state's NP organization so you can start meeting NP's in your field who can offer you assistance in finding a job when you graduate and get certified. Unfortunately, NP jobs in Michigan are usually never seen in classified ads. A lot of job hunting is done by word of mouth and networking.
  4. by   goleman
    Hi Pinoy NP!
    Thank you for your reply to my question. I am on an online ANP program so I don't see almost any of my classmate or my professors. This is so sad. I love to start networking. I went to MICNP website. I hope this organization will help me to connect with other ANP in Michigan.
    Do you think that hospital experience is necessary to be considered for ANP employment? Or my employment will be based on my educational experiences?
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    Hello again NP2006! To be honest with you, I think hospital experience will strengthen your chances of getting a job. The reason why I say this is because the current NP job market in the Metro Detroit area (which I am assuming this is where you live) are heavy on the specialty fields. There's a lot of hiring going on in Cardiology, Neurology, all branches of surgery and so forth. Check out hospital websites in Southeast Michigan and you'll see that they are hiring NP's for specialty fields. If you work in a hospital, you'll get a chance to network with NP's and physicians in these roles. You should also know that there are only 2 ACNP programs in the state vs a ton of ANP and FNP so a lot of ANP's are getting hired into these acute care positions.

    Give yourself a chance to think about it. Would you be able to handle hospital orientation and be in school at the same time?
  6. by   goleman
    thank you so much. i really appreciate it. i have applied for a part time nursing position in neuro-surgery unit. i hope i can handle my school work with my new job. thank you again.
    np 2006