HEME/ONC NP or Specialty Salaries/Have Offer, need responses please!

  1. Salary Review for Heme/Onc NPs... Considering new offer. Other specialties, feel free to reply since this will likely help others as well!

    I'd appreciate help with the following. Here's the offer. I found too broad a range ($90 up to 150k with bonus) on glassdoor, indeed and payscale.com to really get a grasp for offer.

    Specialty: Heme/Onc
    Base Salary:
    Bonus offered? Bonus Potential: Yes, 20% total salary (18k)
    Is bonus achievable? Partial per other providers there
    PTO/CME days: 3 weeks plus 5 days, CME
    State/Setting: TX, Mostly outpatient heme/onc private office in rural setting, may do occasional hospital rounds
    Schedule: 4.5 days/week; No call, nights/holidays/weekends
    Pts per day/week: 15-18, goal 75
    Years experience/NP or PA: 4 yrs experience, FNP

    Feel free to copy and paste! Thanks in advance!

    Base Salary:
    Bonus offered? Bonus Potential:
    Is bonus achievable?
    PTO/CME days:
    Pts per day/week:
    Years experience/NP or PA:
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    I work in a different specialty, have 8 years as a NP, 5 years in the specialty (1.5 in my current practice), and I make a lot more than that. I do see more patients per day (20-25), work 3 hours on a Sat. AM once a month, take call one week a month (phone only). 100% office, no hospital rounding. Benefits are similar. I do get a bonus annually, usually around $3000.

    I'd ask for more money upfront. $90k is pretty low for someone with 4 years experience.
  4. by   maggie1982
    So I am currently in the same boat, I have not received my official offer. The practice has actually asked me to write my own offer and then present it to the practice manager. I am newly graduated and in a specialty as well. I have tried to doing research from those I know that actually work in my area and I was actually shocked at the offers some have gotten where I live. I am in Florida and it's known to be a very low paid area. I spoke to an ARNP in Heme/Onc and this was her offer after her graduation last year:

    Specialty: Heme/Onc
    Base Salary:$114,000
    Bonus offered? Bonus Potential:none that I am aware of
    Is bonus achievable?
    PTO/CME days: 3 weeks PTO; $3,000/year for CME
    State/Setting: Yes, practice of 4 MD's owned by a hospital system
    Schedule: M-F with one weekend hospital call/rounding per month; also rounds at the hospital during the week.
    Pts per day/week: 12-15 per day
    Years experience/NP or PA: 0

    Hope this helps and I would be curious to see what others post to this thread as well.
  5. by   budpilot
    Thanks BCgradnurse! I already planned to request a more significant base in my counter since that was even lower than my job after NP school! I worked in primary care for 4 years and made way more than this offer with my base and RVUs but am burnt out with primary care for now. I wanted to give the entire offer since I thought it was rather low for not only the specialty but my experience. Thanks again for your insight, I appreciate it.
  6. by   budpilot
    Thanks maggie1982! I appreciate the information. I can only advise you to go in higher than what want so you can negotiate close to where you'd like to be. I know just one heme/onc np and her base is $100k without bonus and he only sees patients 3 days, does procedures on one day but has more vacation, PTO, CME and a nice annual contribution to her 401k even if he doesn't contribute. His is competitive for the area. Good luck to you!
  7. by   np830
    It's low. I work heme/onc. But I also have RN experience as heme onc and 7.5 years of combined surg-onc and heme-onc NP experience.
    Do they give you CME money? I'd at least negotiate for more vacation.
    What type of patients? If you're seeing head and neck, that's a LOT of patients. Will you have physician adequate back up if you have no heme onc experience?
  8. by   prop2013
    Specialty: Cardiology
    Base Salary: 90k, 2nd year $95
    Bonus offered? Bonus Potential: Sign on was $5k, no other bonus
    PTO/CME days: 4 weeks, CME days 3 but money capped at $1500. They give allowance for reference material and organization dues (ANCC, epocrates, etc)
    State/Setting: AZ, Phoenix metro area, inpatient/outpatient with 5 cardiologists
    Schedule: 4-10's (perk is I can rotate and have 4 days off every other week (mon-thurs, the following week tues-fri)
    Pts per day/week: varies, typical 18-20 depending on hospital admissions.
    Years experience/NP or PA: 2 years same practice, AGACNP...starting job hunt now, practice unorganized and cardiologists think they're better than anyone and can treat people like crap.

    Would love to hear what others are doing as well since I'm starting to look in the new year.
  9. by   budpilot
    Hi np830, thanks for your message. I know it's low. CME money not bad, $2k with 5 days. They are not willing to budge with much (stating private practice woes which made me a bit nervous afterwards) so I will go back just one more time, but otherwise politely decline. I asked for more vacation, base salary but they just came back with a different bonus structure. Mostly outpatient in the beginning, but I'll be seeing inpatients when credentialed at the 2 hospitals. One doc with me in the beginning until cleared by insurance companies for billing then we all split up between the office and hospitals. Thanks again for the info!
  10. by   budpilot
    Hi prop2013, thanks for your message! Your schedule is a great perk as it must be nice to have a long weekend every other week. I hope you'll post here with any offers for others to have some basis for comparison as well. Good luck with your search!