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  1. Hey all!
    I am applying for a new job and they want a case log... of procedures I have done over the last two years. I have not been keeping up with them... honestly, because I didn't think about it. But now, I wish I had! How do you guys think I should go about back tracking this and what all should I include?

    For example... I know I supervised over 1000 stress tests... can I include a general statement like that as I would in a resume? Like From Dec 2007 - Dec 2008, Supervised over 1000 treadmill and pharmacologic stress tests? (Including because they will want me doing stress tests)

    And then for the procedures I have done less of, like arterial lines, central lines, chest tubes, thoracentesis, etc... I can individualize these. What all do I need to include? The date... patient identifier... procedure... anything else?
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    I think you can make a general statement like having supervised over 1000 stress tests as long as there is a physician signature attesting to it and his or her contact number is available should they have any questions.

    How do you guys do procedures such as arterial lines and central lines? In our case, we write a procedure note and typically I can track the notes I did in the computerized record. Prior to EMR, I had copies of the procedure notes saved and filed somewhere (the form is typically in triplicate anyway).

    In my current job, the hospital requires NP's and PA's to log procedures in an online program that tracks the numbers performed and keeps a record available to be reviewed at each annual re-credentialing process to make sure we're meeting the annual minimums.
  4. by   CRF250Xpert
    We use an EMR that I can pull all of my coding off of for real numbers.
  5. by   core0
    We bill for these. So I pull the billing information every year for credentialing.