Guidance needed for job change

  1. Appreciate any constructive help from y'all...

    I've been an ANP x 2 yrs and found myself working inpatient right out of school, a job I originally intended to stay in for 1 year. I'm still here. For several months I've been campaigning/interviewing for a new outpt position in a building currently under construction. Long stour...I am not getting that job. A position there won't be open for me for another 1-1.5 years now.

    I need a change. I want my nights and weekends back with my husband. Should I take a job being offered to me that has idea days/hours but work I won't be satisfied with long term OR stay where I am and keep looking OR try to piece some PRN and part-time things together for the short term and see what happens down the line? I want out but I also want to make a good decision.

    Moving out of my ego area is not an option.
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  3. by   Psychcns
    I suggest that you think of a job that would hold your interest and meet your requirements for 2 years. Long Term is a long time.
    Part time and prn could be a nice break
    Keep interviewing till you find something you like.
    - you have options. This is good!! Best wishes.
  4. by   mammac5
    Should be ... Moving out of my GEO area is not an option. Darn autocorrect!