Gre Scores

  1. What GRE scores did you need/have to get into your MSN program? What schools did you attend?
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  3. by   fotografe
    looks like people are reading this but not replying. I heard from a few people and looked at a few school web sites to find that a minimum score lies in the range of 1000 combined (old and new verbal plus quantitative). If you have info about a specific school that requires a higher minimum, please post it. It might save someone from retaking the test unnecessarily (as I was considering).

    Maybe people are shy about posting a score, but just to break the ice, i took it last week and got my unofficial at the end. 670 verbal and 730 quantitative. I was initially thrilled with the math score and disappointed in the verbal, then later reversed that when I found out the percentile rankings.

    Hope that helps some of you in the pre-admission process like me!
  4. by   TMnurse
    Just a thought... before you go into this "Harrison" poll of GRE scores or GPA scores call the schools you are interested in. I have found at 2 major schools in my area that although they have "requirements" in the literature/website if you have a decent GPA (above a 3.3 in your BSN) they will waive your GRE and let you in on that merit alone. I found this out by calling the advisor and/or going to their open house. Check it out.
  5. by   AnaLong
    I made a 1000 the first time and 1010 the second time. I have not applied to any school.