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I was just accepted into the MGH - FNP direct entry starting in the fall !:yeah:I am very excited about this endevour however I just looked at the numbers, financially,and am having many concerns... Read More

  1. by   drfitness
    Thanks for the link!! I am still undecided!! How about you??
  2. by   26faster
    I'm going to go. Can't imagine doing what I'm doing now for another 30 years.
  3. by   jalin_2009
    Hi drftness and 26faster,

    I am also in the same boat. Got into MGH, super-excited then reality hit me. Not sure how to pay for school. It's so much money.

    I also got into UMass Worcester which is half the price and student HAVE to work as RNs during year 2 & 3. This seems like a great system because student get both clinical training and some extra money while in school. The MGH program doesn't allow for this-all clinicals are not paid.

    MGH is a better known school with name recognition. Do you think that matters when looking for a job? Do hospitals only care that you have the degree?
  4. by   jreneex2
    Congrats on getting into MGH! that is a prestigious school and I am sure you would receive an excellent education. I think that is why they think they can tack on any old number to that education and think, anyone can or should just pay it for the honor of the MGH on their diploma....I have been doing some research myself and there are some more options...for direct with another bachelors in an unrelated field. UMass Boston has an accellerated program that works like MGH you need a bachelors in any field. check out their website. (ithink) Curry college does as well, but it is pricey, not sure if it is as pricey as MGH. Keep posting, someone will Know. call the schools and ask questions. don't feel like you have to sell yourself for debt to get an education. There is always a better more economical efficient way.
    Hope that helps...keep me posted. I am tossing back what to do myself. I almost have a bachelors and don't know if I should try to get into a bsn or get bachelors and get into an accellorated???
    good luck
  5. by   jalin_2009
    Dr Fitness,

    What did you decide? MGH or not?

    I finally made my decision after getting my financial aid letter from MGH. I am going to UMass Worcester instead. The cost was a huge factor.

    Good luck with your decision.
  6. by   26faster
    I honestly wouldn't think where you get your degree is going to matter than much. It's not like we are business people deciding whether to get an MBA at Harvard or U Mass. With some fields/careers reputation and connections are a good portion of what you are paying for.

    Makes total sense not to get to MGH if you are interested in another program that's half the cost. Why even consider MGH?

    You can work as an RN to earn money after the first 18 months at MGH. We have 4 months off each Summer as a break so after it's possible to earn money between the 2nd and 3rd years with MGH as well. Potentially could work some through out the program depending on the work load and other life issues. I worked with a fellow dietitian who went through the MGH program and she worked as a RD 1 day a week and 1 weekend per month until she got her RN and then spent her time doing that.

    These are stressful decisions but at least we got options!
  7. by   drfitness
    Hey! So I made my decision as well! I only applied to MGH because at the time it really appealed to me and still for the most part does! But I hadnt really researched the other programs out there. So I looked into UMass Worchester and BC. Of course UMass Worchester being a state school is cheaper and appealing in that manner. ANd BC is a shorter program by an entire year so that is also a plus. Since my job right now in the healthcare field is pretty good I decided to defer MGH a year so that I could really make the best informed decision. By the way since I am knew to this site I cant PM either of you ( 26 or Jalin) since I guess I havent been a member long enough. COuld you both send me a PM with your email addresses? I would really appreciate that!! Since I am sitting out a year it would be very helpful to keep in touch with both of you since those are my top school choices! I also live in Boston and would be able to help out if any of you are not from here and have questions regarding the area, living etc. Thanks and good luck!!
  8. by   26faster
    Does MGH allow deferrals? I'm back to freaking out about the $$$! That may be a good option for me as well. Thanks!