Going to a graduate info session on Sat??

  1. Hello I was curious of the stuff I should be looking for in a graduate program. I never investigated the school I did my BSN and ended up not to happy with the program. Now that I want to check out schools what should I be looking for. I have one coming up sat and would appreciate things I should be looking for in a NP program. Adult or Family. Also, I really like the DM and edocrine system is there a type of NP to look for?
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  3. by   DaisyRN, ACNP
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    hi there,
    these are some things that were important to me (and some others):
    1. what is the clinical hour requirement for each semester/the program?
    2. are any classes (how many) are online? do you test online/on campus?
    3. do you set up your own clinical rotations or are they set up for you?
    4. what type of clinical settings do you get experience in? (im office? hospital? pediatric office? ob/gyn?)
    5. what is their pass rate for the particular np program?
    6. how much time is actually spent on campus? (one day a week? etc.)
    7. is it feasible to work full time while doing the program? (most schools will say no, but you can see what they say and reasons)
    8. do they offer financial assistance of any kind? (my program has state money - tobacco money - that is offered to np students, regardless of income, as long as you apply. it's free!)
    9. how many students are accepted for the particular np program?

    i'm sure i'll think of more later... *lol*

    as for dm management related to a particular np... it depends on what you want to do with it. probably either the fnp and anp would provide you ample opportunity to meet your goals. both of these programs would prepare you to manage dm in an outpatient setting and the anp program may even offer you the ability to start up an inpatient dm education program and follow your patients in the hospital. this is something else you could ask one of the advisors/faculty at the session.

    good luck!

  4. by   RN28MD
    Charlsie, these are great questions. I know that being a student must have you sooooooooooo busy so I do appreciate your time that you took to write this down. Thank you