First np job

  1. I am looking Into family nurse practitioner programs here in Texas where I live. But what I am noticing is that jobs I have looked at all want experience??? How do I get a job after I graduate with my np when they all want experience?

    Please help me understand this!
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    They all "want" experience but that doesn't mean they will all get experience. Most of your good job prospects will come from network contacts and your clinical placements.
  4. by   BritFNP
    I am also in Texas. Attended Angelo State University FNP program. Ultimately one of my preceptors wanted to hire me. I am in the Austin area. The job market here is not good at all. BostonFNP is right, they all WANT experienced NP's..I see some postings that say 5 years + experience required. I roll my eyes and move on. If it says 1 year experience, I would apply. It IS definitely about you and who you know. Most places will NOT encourage new grads to apply, but when I do see that in the listing, I honestly get worried that they may not give you what you deserve.