Feelings as a new NP - page 2

I am considering going on for my NP, but I definitely don't want to go through the lost, overwhelmed feelings I had as a new RN. I consider myself incredibly lucky that I didn't run into trouble with... Read More

  1. by   GirloftheSun
    To add to what Gauge 14iv said:I totally understand what you are saying about how you felt as a new RN. Never in my life, have I felt so inadequate and belittled as I did as a new nurse. It was terrible but at the time I didn't have maturity or the knowledge to stand up for myself. I've been struggling with the idea of going back to school for the FNP in fear of the same thing happening. It seems like grad school is different and you are treated differently than you are as an RN. It's so sad that many nurses treat new nurses so poorly. Now that I work in clinical research my esteem is a better and I'm ready to take on school, hopefully next year!! Very exciting, it sounds like many NPs have job satisfaction.