Endocrinology Nurse Practitioners

  1. Hello !
    I have been working as an Endocrinology NP after 3 years as an FNP. I work with 5 endocrinologists (MDs) and rotate between 3 offices. They pretty much let me see everything and escalate care as needed while still being available for any questions i may have. Quite a supportive environment. The thing is that they have never worked with an NP before so they are vacillating on what patients i can or cannot see, and what degree of autonomy i should have. BTW this is a huge hospital organization (Central and SW Ohio) and i am the only Endo NP in here!!

    Are there organizations specific to Endo NPs that i could join in order to compare notes ?

    I am working towards my BC-ADM certification this year...any other recommendations?

    Would appreciate any insight

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  3. by   Tony1790
    Sorry, I don't have any Endo specific relevancy, but I have a similar problem, I'm the only Rheumatology NP with 4, soon to be 5 MD's and they seem to have no consensus on what my role is, and I'm currently working 2 different clinics, the one clinic, the NP before me was an injection monkey, as in, that's all he did, was inject joints all day with no Rheumatology responsibilities, so the MD's are trying to figure out which Rheum patients I will be allowed to have have on my assigned panel of patients.

    Good luck!