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Just wondering. I know some people are very passionate about no open toed shoes, and others wear open toed shoes all the time. Looks like OSHA says- if you're in an area where you can expect to have... Read More

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    I wear closed toed shoes. My job can occasionally get a bit messy even during a routine office visit, and I also do a *lot* of procedures. However I think open toed shoes are appropriate in most outpatient settings.

    Kind of related, but not really- I got myself these nice khaki shorts, very tailored and professional looking. Almost capri length but not quite. I love them, but I feel hinky about wearing them to work! Skirts are fine, but shorts? That seems weird. But it's not any different than wearing skirts without tights, which i definitely do sometimes. Right?

    I need someone to tell me it's okay for me to wear my nice new shorts haha. With my closed toe shoes of course
    If I come to work from the gym I am in sweats or shorts, but change once I get to work. I have never thought about wearing shorts to work in...

    If in doubt of the appropriateness of the item just run it by your practice manager or another provider. There are some more dressy options in shorts.

    I did clinical rotations where providers wore jeans and nobody batted an eye. In my current practice they do a jersey friday during football season where staff wear jerseys/shirts of their favorite teams. It is well received by patients and they have fun with it. It is mainly a clinic thin and does not translate well to the hospital.