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  1. I am considering working in urgent care in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but responses from all over the US are welcomed. I would like to hear from anyone about their experience in urgent care.

    Do you wish you were working family practice or internal medicine instead?
    Are you happy with your decision to work in urgent care? Do you have to work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day? Are there any companies you would never work for? Also, I wondered if there are any opportunities to pick up extra shifts when you work for one of these companies.

    Thanks for the responses!
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    My first NP job was Family Practice/Urgent Care. I still work per diem in Urgent Care in addition to a full time job in a specialty practice. I really like Urgent Care. You never know what you'll see. To be honest, I found working as a PCP to be too draining, and I definitely like working my shift in Urgent Care and then leaving it all behind at the end of the day. I also like doing procedures,such as I&Ds and suturing. I work at a center that is part of a large health care system, and we only see patients that are members of that system. I did interview a for a full time position at a few "stand alone" UC centers, but I didn't want to work every other weekend or on holidays, and I didn't want to work at a place where I'd be the only provider on a shift.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   tcat42
    That was very helpful! Thanks!
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    Following because I'm in the DFW area, and also very interested in urgent care, or ER fast track