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  1. i just needed some clarification, because i am not very familiar with the distinctions in advanced practice - both cns and np are advanced practice nurses i understand, but what is the essential difference between them?

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    i'm just a student but i can't resist saying something...i'm going for my MSN to be a CNS...there are no NP's in hospitals where i am only CNS's (and NP's are in offices/clinics)...i want to work in a hospital so CNS here i come....anyway i am a little worried b/c i've looked around and there are not that many CNS jobs but TONS of RN (BSN or ADN) jobs. i'm just worried that i'll go through all that school and not be able to be an APN like i want. The NP's have the same problem here (charleston, SC) the university told me the NP market is flooded and there are barely any jobs for them also. soooo frustrating .
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    The Internet Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing offers the following article about roles:

    The University of Central FL offers both an NP and CNS concentration and here is what they are saying the difference is:

    I am a CNS who works in an advanced practice role with three NPs. In IL, a CNS can be an APN or not, depending on the scope of practice. My goal was advanced practice, autonomy, more responsibility, etc., which is why I took this particular job.

    As to the job market - yes, in certain parts of the country it is getting flooded. You might want to relocate to a more attractive (NP-wise) area.

    Good luck.