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  1. Hi there, another question! I'm from canada and was just wondering if there are any canadian NPs on here that could explain a little bit about the pros/cons/difficulties in receiving your NP education in the States and trying to take it back to Canada?

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  3. by   lalaxton
    I am Canadian and went back to school while living in the US. I came back to Canada in 2001 and have been working in Ontario as an NP ever since. To answer your question, it really is very dependent on which province you come back to. At the moment Ontario only recognizes the US FNP education but Ontario, just as all of the province, are in a constant state of change when it comes to NP education, NP recognition and NP scope of practice. Your best bet is to contact the provincial college of nurses in the province you would like to practice in and ask them what they accept from the US.

    Personally, as they have been training NP's in the US for longer and in far greater #'s I was glad I did my program there at the time. I am however quite impressed with some of the newer programs in Canada such as those offered at the U of Toronto (ACNP), U of Calgary, UNBC and UBC.

    Feel free to PM me for more info.