Boards scheduled...scared out of my mind

  1. I have scheduled the AANP Family practice exam and am now experiencing the most anxiety I've ever had. I didn't even study for the NCLEX and don't remember worrying about it - figured if I didn't know the information by then, I probably wouldn't learn it by cramming. I passed the first time, taking 85 questions. So, why now am I approaching panic?!

    I am spending hours each day studying (which is not like me at all) and not feeling any relief that it's going to be okay. I can't wait to be on the other side and able to tell people that "you'll do fine." I've heard that so many times that I think it's having the wrong effect on me - increasing my anxiety.

    Any last words of wisdom as I quickly approach the exam date...?!?!
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  3. by   Spacklehead
    I didn't take the AANP, but studying would probably be the same as it was for the ANCC. I just set aside 2-4 hours per day for a month before my exam and kept reading through the material. I used the Fitzgerald and Leik books, and read through the review material first and then would go back and answer the questions. The only time I would use notes/books from school was when an answer seemed off (be careful with the Leik book - some answers were wrong in their key). Other than that, I honesty didn't do much else. It worked well for me. The day before the exam, I didn't touch any study material - just relaxed. Good luck!
  4. by   BlessedOne
    Thanks Spacklehead. This sounds like a plan. I am using Fitzgerald, Hollier and will be going to Hollier's seminar. I am setting aside 2-3 hours a day about 5-6 days per week to study.
  5. by   wizard100
    Good Luck...I can imagine the nerves !! Read, Read and practice, practice lots of Q & A !!
  6. by   Blessedx3
    I agree--I set aside 3 weeks..studied 5-7 hours off and on--between 3 kids and a dog that went missing! Fitz and Hollier will well prepare you. The Liek review questions were most like the exam. My score on Liek and Board scores was exactly the same....Good luck. If you are scoring 83-85 percent on practice-you will be fine! AANP didn't throw any punches--very strait forward questions and enough info to answer!!
  7. by   Frogger511
    I took the test at the end of January and passed! Boy am I glad that's over!!

    I start my new job in 2 weeks!!
  8. by   kyboyrn
    Congrats Frogger!! I took my test at the end of January as well and passed too!! Isn't it a great feeling!!! Most of my classmates have passed as well, and I'm always glad to hear of another colleague passing their test!!! I start my first NP job this week!!! Keep us updated on how it goes, and good luck!!!!