Any recommendations for post-masters program in FNP in the state of Florida?

  1. I have a question? I completed a Master's in NP program back in 2009 and passed my certification exam for a pediatric specialty. One thing however, I never did anything with that degree. There were many reasons such as fear of not liking my career, wanting to travel (travel nurse), and I still enjoyed being a bedside RN. The reason being that the hours were flexible and I felt comfortable to be honest. In addition, I noticed many of the NP's that I followed in clinicals stated that they were not completely satisfied in their career and would have rather just stayed at bedside. That was one big factor in discouraging me, and I also wanted to maintain 12 hour shifts as opposed to 9-5.

    Now that a few years has gone by and I have become interested in seeing where my NP degree will lead me. Unfortunately, I have one year left with my certification and have been unsuccessful in finding a job. I noticed that most positions are now requiring Family ( I only have peds), and more urgent cares and 12 hour shifts are being created. Im thinking of going back for a post masters..

    I want to know what school do you guys recommend for state of Florida and how long are the programs. Several schools has told me that I need to submit an applications first before determining the length of program.
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  3. by   OnceMore
    Try UCF

    They are very flexible and will even allow you to start taking courses prior to program admission. They have masters, post masters, and DNP programs.
  4. by   sweetvi
    Thank you! I will check to see if they have an online program..