Any NP's prescribing medical marijuana

  1. Dear NP's: I am doing a some committee research on states' experiences with legalized marijuana. In the interest of thoroughness (this is an SNA committee), I want to include the experiences of nurses (as prescribers).
    If there are any medical marijuana USERS out there, I'd like to hear from you too. My research indicates that voters and politicians can be very sympathetic for the patient's need, but the distribution system is erratic and bizarre because of the lack of congruency between state and federal law. All prescribers of MM, please weigh in.
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  3. by   jer_sd
    In my state NPs can only do scheduale 2-5 plus legend medicaitons. Marijuana is scheduale 1. I am unaware of any state that allows scheduale 1 to be rx by a NP.

  4. by   DucatiNP
    My state is also schedule 2-5, but when I had my residency at an HIV clinic we were able to fill out a Referral to a Cannibis Club.