ANCC auditing me

  1. What a surprise to receive in the mail last week a letter from the ANCC stating that they were auditing my CME credits/Activities and Practice hours!
    I had NO IDEA that they might do this, but according to the letter, 20% of applications recertifying get audited.
    One of my mentors had told me to be neurotic and save, save, save copies of everything...thank G-d I did. They want a letter from your "supervisor" on letterhead (what if you have your own clinic and don't need MD "supervision" in your state???)
    You have 30 days to get it all together and send everything back in, or your file will be closed, and there will be no refunds. Does that sound like a screw to anybody besides me?
    Anyway, this is a word to the wise about saving your cme letters in hard copy somewhere fire-proof/disaster proof, because they will come knocking!
    Pardon the rant...I sent all this xxxx for recertification in early so I wouldn't have to think about it during a stress:angryfire ful spring :angryfire season :angryfire I knew I had coming up....
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  3. by   sirI
    This is quite common.

    It is printed on my recert papers that audits can occur and they even point out the 20% figure. They point out the need to keep up with all activities as well.

    Glad that you saved everything. You are ahead of the game.