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  1. I only have one day of clinical left to complete my degree. Last week end I got a e-mail that stated she had not received my weekly update. I had sent it to her it was in my out box. She also stated that my Professionalism was questionable repeatedly. HuH? I have always gotten perfect points on weekly updates and my case study's. The school policy is that with-in one week of the clinical experience you are to post your update. So if I completed clinical on Friday then I had one week till the following Friday. I usually would get them in sooner but every now and then would not post them until Friday. I have called her at home before. I called her as soon as I got her e-mail well she was upset that I called. So I sent her my weekly update asking her if she needed a final eval from my preceptor she said no she would just e-mail her. Well she e-mailed my preceptor and commented to her that she had concerns about my professionalism. My preceptor e-mailed her back and simply stated could you elaborate more on this and just call. So far my clinical instructor has not called her. My preceptor states she is behind me 100%. Needless to say I am upset. By the way I am a distance student. and went to campus for evals and all my evals have been great. Thoughts any one, I am so worried that she will try and fail me.
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  3. by   BChapp3182
    First check your spam folder to see if the email, although in your outbox, got bounced back for some reason. If not, then politley send another email stating that the message you originally sent was in your outbox (and forward that to her) so you thought she had recieved it, that you'll be glad to resend it.

    NEVER call someone at home unless they tell you it's okay. ALWAYS address them in email and in person professionally, dr. x, dear professor x, always end emails with thank you, etc. AWAYS take the submissive, student role especially with people like this. Bottom line is she has the power to fail you.

    I too have had instructors that for no reason made life hell, simply because they have the power over you and they like to abuse it. Be prepared to apologise, take the fault, whatever you have to do in order to set things right, feed the maniac's ego and get the heck out of there with your degree.

    At least your preceptor is backing you. Ask the professor if she can clarify by how your unprofessional so that you can make a conscious effort to change. Something like, Professor X, it would provide me with such benefit if I could gain some insight on to how my performance is unprofessional. This is certainly not my intent and if I am unprofessional in any way your advice at how to correct this would be appreciated. So you feed her ego, make yourself seem open to criticism and change, that you care, etc. People like this thrive off this stuff and most likely she'll get off your back.

    I feel for ya. Just do what you have to to move on. Fighting only makes it worse with people like this.
  4. by   mom2cka
    I'm not sure what email program you use, but typically an email in an 'outbox' is pending send - it's only when it's in the 'sent' folder that it's actually been sent. If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, it's not uncommon that closing the program too soon, failing to use the send/receive button, or having a network error can cause a message not to send. I hope that helps Good luck - sounds like that's a touchy spot to be in.