a good way to find drug dinners?

  1. as a NP student I'm on a limited budget and any free educational events interest me. Several fellow students and I have gotten on lists for "drug dinners" where a presentation is sponsored by pharma, but still offers good information. Others haven't, it seems really hit or miss.

    It seems right now you get on the invites through knowing someone - RN, MD, or ARNP who is already on the list. Is there a more systematic way of getting on these lists, and finding out how many of these dinner series are out there?

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  3. by   MS, APRN, BC, FNP
    Ahhhh yes, westcoastgirls are always looking for that free dinner. What I hate is when big pharma buys me dinner and then wants me to put out.

    I don't know what to tell you, pharmeceutical reps just find me, and I get invited. When your established and writing scripts they will find you. You won't be able to avoid them.
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  4. by   lalaxton
    Join your state NP association, some pharma reps find local NP's this way. Also ask your NP/physician clinical supervisor to let you know when they get invited to one. There is no 'list' out there you can get on to get invites.