*opinion needed* Keep RN job?

  1. So I'm wondering how important is it for me to keep my RN job while in NP school? Financially, I will be OK if I live incredibly cheaply and take out a few loans, I have 1.5 yr left in the program (the program is 2.5 yrs total).

    My biggest concern is whether it will affect my future career opportunities as a FNP if I quit my job at the hospital now. I'm a floor nurse at a neuro rehab facility so it's not completely relevant, but will it look bad on my resume if I don't practice as a RN for the remainder of my schooling? And if that will make it more difficult for me to get an NP job after graduation.

    I go to school full time and for the past year I've been working weekends, but lately staffing has been absolutely awful at work and school/clinicals is becoming more time consuming.

    Please tell me what you think!
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  3. by   mom2cka
    Do you want to work at that facility/group when you graduate? If so, I'd say drop to casual so you keep what you can with them... otherwise, I would think with a background, education, etc. you should be looking pretty good if you're planning on ending up elsewhere. I work on a rehab unit, and that's what my charge nurse recommended I consider for that last year or at least last semester. I haven't started yet, so still have a lot of time to go. Good luck!