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Is there a difference between getting your masters vs doctorates? Better/More job opportunities? Higher pay?

What about respect of nurse practitioners from doctors? I've been reading on this forum that some doctors treat male RN's better than females which REALLY surprised me. But I have a feeling doctors look down at nurse practitioners for being "wanna-be" doctors who were lazy/stupid to get into med school. Is this true? If so, how often do you encounter it?

What aren't nurse practitioners allowed to do? I am confused because I feel like besides writing a few specific prescriptions and doing highly advanced procedures, they can do pretty much what doctors do which sounds amazing to me.


I ask because I am 18 yr old male starting college in one week and have been flip flopping between physician assistant, physical therapist, doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, etc.

I want to go above the level of a nurse (I would enjoy regular nursing too) and actually be in charge of assessing, diagnosing, and providing a plan of treatment. I figure it'll be kind of like being a doctor without that extra schooling. I don't need to be rolling in money and nurse practitioners make a decent salary, so why not?

However I must admit the insecurity of the term "male nurse" has plagued my mind, especially when people ask what I'm going to major in. Its definitely contributed to my flip flopping. What would be your advice to an 18 year old guy going into school?

really? Not a single person on this forum is a nurse practitioner or could please help me?

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Hi there---patience with us, please.....some of us were at work or asleep when you posted . And, your second post (timestamped 1:30 a.m.), caught many of us doing the same. Good luck to you in your education endeavors. As to your question---a nurse practitioner is a good route to go. However, I don't recommend doing so without experience at the bedside for at least 5 years (there may be many on this forum who disagree, but experience DOES make a difference in so many ways). As to how doctors perceive NPs, a lot depends on the individual NP--how one presents oneself for instance--and the MD--is this MD always a jerk or just a jerk when dealing with anyone who has the label "nurse". As to a master's vs doctorate--some NP programs are converting to a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and there are rumors that eventually all NP's will have to have a doctorate. By the time you are ready, that may be the only option. A master's prepared NP can be just as "good", if you will, as a doctorally prepared. It's all in the individual. A degree does not necessarily mean common sense, critical thinking (a HUGE need in an individual who is delivering quality health care), the ability to treat people respectfully, etc.. All are requirements, imo, to be good at the delivery of care. And, don't let the ignorance of folks regarding males in nursing keep you from pursuing that career, if that is what you really want to do. Some of the first nurses in history--the Knights Templar--- were male, and anyone who still has the archaic notion that nursing is a profession only for women needs some kind and respectful redirection :). Anyway--don't know if I've helped any, and feel free to pm me if you want. Happy learning!

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