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Nurse Practicioner (women's health) route for a non-science major. Help!

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Howdy folks'

I've got a bachelors in a non-science major (cultural anthropology and economics) and am not an RN. I've have been working at a community based organization for the past 2 years around health care reform and my work talking with folks' in the community has made me want to become a nurse practicioner. I really like the patient centered approach to medicine that nursing offers, and am interested in rural health care with a focus on Women's health.

So far, I've looked through all the online literature about how to get from point A-B, and am finding a lot of conflicting information. What's the fastest way to get your degree as a nurse practitioner? What's needed to gain entry at the direct entry programs? Do you have to be an RN first, or just complete pre-requisites?

Are there direct entry programs that have a public health focus, allowing you to combine a MPH with a MSN?

Thank you all so much! Look forward to hearing whatever advice is out there!

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you'll either have to do a traditional bsn program, accelerated bsn or direct entry program. Its up to you. The first two you'll get your degree (you may choose or not choose to work before your msn) and then you would apply to an MSN program that offers a whnp specialty or fnp (for more flexibility). Most people in your position either apply to an accelerated bsn or direct entry program. The fastest way would be the direct entry route (3 years) but what you make out of your education is up to you and what pace you want to go at and what sort of provider you want to be. I am not sure if there are any specific programs that have a public health focus but I am sure you can arrange your clinicals in that manner if you so choose.

I think Penn or Columbia might have the MSN/MPH but i'm not sure.

You'll need the basic prereqs for any nursing program. You will need--- A&P, micro, nutrition, some chemistry, maybe some bio and electives in the social sciences. Its really school specific.

Hope this helps

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