Nurse Practice Act CE Course Offered for Seven Jurisdictions

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Newsflash: 7/5/01

Nurse Practice Act CE Course Offered for Seven Jurisdictions

This online course is available for nurses practicing in Alabama, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, West Virginia-LPN and West Virginia-RN. The course is designed to enhance knowledge about these states' nurse practice acts. This course can be found at New states are being added frequently!

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NRSKarenRN, I wish every nurse in those states would take this course and that every nurse who is working would have a copy of their Nurse Practice Act handy and READ it occasionally! Each state has its own Nurse Practice Act, and I think if we all read it occasionally, it would do away with mandatory overtime and all sorts of other things we do that puts our license on the line.

I would bet that over 90% of the nurses who are currently working have no clue what is in their Nurse Practice Act and don't realize how often they jeopardize their licenses each day.:eek:

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