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Advise for those who are planning to take nursing.Is it advisable to take PT or OT instead of nursing.

There were about 500 therapist who recently pass their board exam while nursing was around 27000.

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If I were you, I would do my own research and find out what the job outlook is for PT and OT in the Philippines. This is a nursing forum, so it may be hard to get good advice here regarding your question. If you are looking into overseas employment for PT and OT especially in the US setting, I believe they are eligible for H1B Visas but at the current time, quotas issued for this type of visa are met very quickly if I'm not mistaken. I believe immigrant visas for these professions are also affected by the retrogression. Another issue is the degree. Correct me if I'm wrong but do PT's and OT's receive a Bachelor's degree to practice in the Philippines? In the US, the minimum professional entry degree for an OT is a master's degree. It is a doctoral degree for a PT.

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Currently only a master's degree is required

More and more PT are getting doctorate, and I believe looking forward they

are hoping the doctorate will be the entry level, similar to the ND is the suggested level for a NP.


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yes a lot of hospital are looking for PTs in the US. but due to the retrogression they have to wait for some time same like nurses. i was with my cousin a week a ago on her way her in Florida because he wil be taking her exam. the US embassy will give tourist visa for them to allow them to take the exam because its only given in the US mainland.


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It depends on what you really want to do, i finished my Physical Therapy course but i just felt it was not really what i wanted to do so took up Nursing again and i think this is what is really is for me.

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