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Hey everyone- I just wanted some feedback on this topic because it's not sitting right with me. I started working with a new company and they said for my particular case nurse notes aren't required. Is this even legal is this a thing- and company/ agency I've ever worked with required progressive notes every shift. Any feedback/ advice is appreciated! Thank you 

The new company is saying that nurse notes aren't required or aren't necessary? As in you could write a note but you don't have to or you shouldn't write a note?

Nursing notes aren't important until something goes wrong and you get sued two years later and can't remember any circumstances.

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I think we need a lot more information here (where do you work? what duties are you performing?)… but I have never had a position in which documentation wasn't necessary. When in doubt, check with your licensing office/college of nursing. You need to meet your college's professional standards; otherwise, you put your license at risk. It's the nursing college, not the employer, who determines these professional standards (which may well include documentation requirements). 

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Sounds as dodgy as all hell 

If you arent able to find new employment I would seriously keeping an encrypted password protected file of your patient encounters

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