What does HCAP mean? Interview assignment help!

  1. Hello All!

    I'm having an interview this coming Monday, and the manager was nice enough to assign me a topic in advance and told me to do some research on HCAP. What it is? and how it has an impact on patient satisfaction?. I did some research on it as well, but just doesn't seem to get the right information. I'm a new graduate, and I have no idea what this stands for and its use in hospital settings. If any of you know about this system, please kindly post your comments, and it would be great if you can tell me some of your own past experience on what you did to improve patient satisfaction on your unit.

    Much help needed!

    Any tips on how to perform well during an interview would be greatly appreciated too!

    Thank you in advance!
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    There's a fact sheet on this page.

    Basically, it's a patient satisfaction survey that is now going to be tied to a hospital's reimbursement. There are several key questions that every patient who gets a survey answers. You need to be in the "top box" i.e. answering "always" to each question, consistently, to achieve good marks and get all the monies you can. Pay for performance. You get your scores every month and have to work at pulling up your weak areas to get to "top box." Our hospital has done initiatives like the "no pass" zone, meaning no one passes a room that has a call light on, that type of thing. Campaigns to reduce the noise level at night, etc.

    If you still have questions, post again!
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    I also got an interview and the HR dept told me to brush up on math (metric stuff) and do some research on HCAP. They said I would be having a Test. Does anyone else know of this happening or what type of questions they will be asking?
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    Try googling "cms hcahps". Should lead you to detailed information.