Recent BSN grad going for MBA.. few questions

  1. I graduated with my BSN December 2007 and I've been working in a 40 bed ER located in an urban area of Sacramento, CA.

    My goal is to get my MBA at either UC Davis or UC Berkeley. I have taken college algebra and stats during my undergrad and i'm taking business calculus spring 09. i plan on taking accounting summer 09 and refresher econ classes fall 09. I'm doing this as preperation for the GMAT, which i need to take by summer 2009.

    i would like to start the part time MBA program by fall 2010. i will be 26 when i start and 29 by the time i graduate. yea, it seems like its far away but its not like i got my BSN overnight either, it took years of planning.

    How hard is getting into the MBA program at a UC school? does it really matter where i go? which classes would be most valuable for me before starting the program? as a younger new grad, i have very limited managerial experience. what challenges does that incur for me? where should i work until i get my MBA? i only have ER experience, should i stay there?

    in regards the the GMAT, which books are best for preparation? i have the kaplan review book? what was you experience like with the GMAT?

    does anyone that recently graduated with their MBA have any advice the wish they had before they went for it? i would really appreciate any input.

    thank you
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  3. by   classicdame
    Congratulations on even having a goal, but more so for working it!

    I recommend getting an appt with the Dean of the schools of interest and ask him/her your questions. That is what I did and we developed a bond. Bring transcripts. As for study guides, go to the school's testing center to see what resources are available free or cheap to students. Then check out the bookstore (school or public). I bought two guides at Books-a-million, but they can be found cheaper online sometimes. Ask around. I have loaned mine out several times. Good luck!
  4. by   Soonerbred08
    I'm in the same boat as you. I'd like to get my MBA, but I've felt discouraged by many people saying that I'm limiting my possibilities in nursing by not having an MSN. I feel like having an MBA would let me be more marketable in other areas outside of nursing as well as some opportunities in nursing so I decided to go for it. I was advised by two diffferent schools not to take undergrad courses like calc and accounting because it would be a waste of time and money when I can do Kaplan for GMAT help and weekend long refresher courses so that I'm not completely lost in class.
  5. by   hnhoang
    have you considered a joint program for MSN/MBA? I heard people with this are very marketable. just a thought. =)
  6. by   JazzyJJ
    Hi patos231984,

    I have my BS in Bio. I will be getting my MBA this Fall. I am planning to get my BSN next year. I am just wondering how everything went for you? Any insights to share with me as I start? I just wanted to know what job opportunities is there for a MBA/BSN.

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