Question for House Supervisors

  1. If your a house supervisor you know what I mean when I talk about the "book." Contains all our goodies to run the show. We carry around a big bulky book and are looking at options to reduce the size. I even slim down to a smaller binder and use my Palm Pilot for things. At our last staff meeting, others suggest we all get PDA's or some other method. My boss asked me to look into things. I thought I would come here to ask how others do it. Do you use the big bulky binder? Do you use PDA's/Laptops? What other systems out there do you utilize? Any companies/web sites you would recommend?

    Feedback is needed and greatly appreciated!!!


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  3. by   seguraas
    The Administrative Supervisors have two binders in the Nursing Admin office that have all the key policies, memos, etc. Each supervisor then has what they need to have on hand. Many have been in the role multiple years so their person binders are to collect data on administion and bed status since they serve as the patient placement/bed control staff as well.

    I am in the process of pulling a group together to review and potentially expand the role of the supervior particularly on the off-shift to more housewide support. Would love to hear of experience from others. I am new to supervising the supervisors