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  1. Okay, need some help and direction here. I have a staff nurse who, to say the least, is poor (not dangerous). Her communication skills are minimal - harmful. Mind you, she's not harmful to the patients because I oversee everything she does, but it's exhausting. It's almost like having a nurse in training who thinks they have 20 years experience and making mistakes. Example of my staff nurse: Pre charting (on her patients but when she leaves the department someone else signs of the IV .... error out her charting and re chart), charts physician verbal orders as matter of fact not order and worst of all she fails to have a physician sign the order/instruction/notification. Now I hear you all gasp, but let me tell you, removing this nurse is NOT an option for various reasons (not by my choice). How on earth can I reach her?? I check the charting for the day because I check the daily charges and at least 3 times a week I find something she should have notified the physician or had a signature on. Its truly making my workload ten fold. Upper management has the power to remove her but do to her health conditions won't and seems to think it's okay for me to be the "bad guy". Any suggestions? (other than finding a new job). Now if my only job was to oversee her, fine, I'll do her work and mine, but I over see 10 employees, manage staffing adjustments, check daily charges, forms management, P&P....etc of a nurse manager and function as a Nurse Partner for 3 physicians (keeping track of all the patients care, needs, treatments, etc.).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before I loose my mind.
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  3. by   Lacie
    The old adage of "document, document, document!" Keep a paper trail if anything to cover your own tail. If there is enough paper trails such as written verbal warnings etc then admin cant use the excuse of her "health". ADA doesnt cover incompetence. Reasonable accomadation doesnt mean letting people repeatedly make errors and eliminate the need for correction. I've been through similar issues that due to staffing or thier fear of having a suit due to ADA guidelines but as long as you have the documentation your clear. Also is her health issues in anyway related to a worker's comp issue?