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  1. [I]So I currently work in entry level mgmt at a hospital that is owned by a big corporation. Room for growth but might involve relocation. I have an opportunity at a Nurse Mgr in a small hospital that has been bought out . The CNO is new and is ready to make a lot of changes including creating a culture and re-vamping the evaluation process for employees to strengthen retention. The hospital will also be rebuilt within 2 years. I essentially would be second in command. I am very excited about the opportunity but do have reservations about leaving a bigger corporation. My ultimate goal is to someday be a CNO and I feel like this move woyld be the best for my future.
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  3. by   jrt4
    It sounds like a great opportunity but I would also be concerned with the amount of hours you will need to put in given that it is essentially a new company that is coming in and changing the culture AND building a new building. If you are good with the time commitment it sounds like a great opportunity!
  4. by   Orca
    I would do some research about the financial stability of the company you are planning on joining. The opportunity isn't worth much if they fold and leave you unemployed. I have been there. I discharged the last patient that left one facility where I worked, and it was with a major national corporation. That corporation no longer exists.
  5. by   Road2CNO
    So I did do the research about the company buying out the small community hospital, and I took the job! I start in a few weeks as being in management I wanted to give my current employer plenty of notice to find a replacement. I am looking forward to this new adventure and I'm sure I will learn lots (both good and bad) along the way! Thanks for your input!