Nurse Manager is my leadership preceptor -I need help with objectives please.

  1. Hello everyone! I am currently finishing up my BSN program with leadership, and my leadership preceptor is my unit nurse manager. We work in a small community hospital on a med-surg unit. I am stuck on writing my nursing objectives and need your help. I know that I want to learn what my nurse manager does as routinely as possible throughout her work day. I want to learn what goes on in "bed meetings" and other meetings. I just want to know what her position consists of so that I may appreciate it and have an understanding of how her position affects our unit. Maybe I'll want to be a nurse manager someday, I don't know at this time. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Orca
    Generally speaking, your manager will likely have periodic staff meetings. These will involve conveying feedback about unit performance, as well as new information (upcoming policy changes, etc.). She will probably also participate in management meetings that involve other unit heads in the hospital and hospital administration regarding overall hospital performance and procedural changes. Any manager spends time talking with individual employees regarding personal performance or other issues (these can be either professional or personal issues). These meetings may be requested by either the employee or the manager. Odds are that she also has leadership team meetings with her supervisory staff to review unit goals and overall performance. Most managers also have to prepare an annual budget for their units, which includes projected needs for supplies and equipment, plus any changes in personnel.

    I hope that this helps.