New job . . . need advice

  1. I have the opportunity to apply for the position of Bahavioral Health Manager at my home health agency. I have almost 5 years experience in psych with a bit of management experience. I am going through separation from my husband so this job has several benefits. Normal work week, more pay, benefits, lass wear and tear on the car. Cons: middle management, constant phone calls, scheduling, on-call, putting out fires. I am very nrevous; management in the nursing home was awful. Should I go for it?
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  3. by   Janet Barclay
    Hi Topaz,
    Only you can decide if you're ready to take on this new role. I can tell you that moving to management from the bedside has as many ups as downs,but I don't know how much you'll be expected to take on. I do know that I was unprepared for the extra meetings, work at home, on-call etc. I have had a few problems making childcare arrangements etc, for those unexpected things that come up. If you think you want the job, apply, you can always decline if you change your mind. If you don't go for it, you may regret it later on.
    Good Luck