1. After working in one health system for many years, recently chose to move to another because I needed a change but wanted to remain in my specialty of oncology. Where I left, my staff on both campuses worked so well together, no backstabbing, etc...
    I was warned about the staff that I would be supervising in the fact that several didn't like each other, had many blowups, etc, etc...boy that is an understatement.
    They are excellent nurses and the patients have no idea of the sad backgound but such animosity hinders the overall wellbeing of the unit. There is also friction between other disciplines in the dept such as secretaries or techs. Some just like to stir things up. Now remember, I'm the new kid, usually upbeat and positive...but I am starting to be brought down and go home emotionally exhausted. I'm slowly trying to bring these issues up..needed to truly case out the situation...but now I need suggestions as to what others have done to try to mend fences (which I realize is between those involved) or what anyone has done to foster a more cohesive atmosphere...
    I am told that since I have come on board (about five months now) that things are much better than they had would like thoughts or ideas...thanks

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  3. by   oramar
    I just want to salute you, if things were good at the place you recently left and getting better at the new place then it must have something to do with your managment skills. I have a reputation for bad mouthing bosses on these boards but what does not come out is the fact that I would walk over hot coals for the few good managers I worked for in my time.
  4. by   jlwalker
    I have never managed anyone!!!!....but have been managed by others. I agree with the above posting that there are a few good managers out there. I think they are the ones who are fair with their staff, loyal to them, continue to show enthusiasm (but are realistic, not sappy), and exhibit mannerisms which the staff will eventually emulate. It is a good sign that things have improved in the short time you have been there. The morale on your unit will gradually improve, as you have seen some progress already. This cannot happen overnight. Then, I would think, some of the smaller, petty issues can be addressed. I don't know why people have to be so mean,dishonest, backstabbing... possibly the human nature side of people which makes us look better if someone else is dragged down?????? And, people can be unhappy for so many reasons...bringing that to work with them. This managing "stuff" is not an easy thing...keep up the good work, and good-luck!!!! (Don't forget to take care of yourself, too.)
  5. by   shockshockshock
    Something I learned in a recent conference is that morale is not a manager's responsibility. Don't beat yourself up if you can't change the way people are. Just stay fair and positive and take care of your long-term mental health. If a person is that miserable with life or hate their job that much then they need to move on. You can only do so much as one person without playing babysitter or referee for these "adults". Stand your ground and maintain your values. A true leader leads by doing and not necesseraly holding everyone's hands. Be an advocate for your staff to take initiative to solve problems instead of solving it for them all the time.
  6. by   Janet Barclay
    Hi oncRN,
    As a fairly new manager (3yrs) myself, I have discovered a few tricks. First, you are not personally responsible for everyones happiness . Second, try some team building activities, for example, we had a name the baby contest. Everyone brought a baby picture and had to name each other (sounds hokey, I know, but it was fun). Third, regular team meetings are good for every member, including yourself. You can't deal with morale issues if you don't know what they are. If things are really awful, try to get support from pastoral care or social work for some mediation. Be accountable: if someone comes to you with a concern, GET BACK TO THEM even if it's only to say that you tried. people will respect you for that.
    Lastly, keep smiling and take care of you own stress-people really will eventually take their cue from you.

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