just wondering what to do

  1. Im a night shift CNA at a little nursing home in north central kansas, and we have a new administrator and a LPN wo is due to take her boards in may as a ADON, well the problem is that they have decided to take all 12 hour CNA shifts away an d go to 8 hr while the nurse stay at 12 hour shifts, I've worked there 7 years and probably missed that many days (7) in calling in I like and was hired for twelves, and they never even discused the change at all with any of the noc shift....why can they give my hours that im willing to work to people they havent even hired yet, can they do this and what if anything can we do about keeping our shift???
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  3. by   Noney
    Try finding another cna that wants to stay on 12 hour days maybe they'll let you match up. Try talking to the administrator. Good luck. Sometimes people come up with "staffing solutions" that cause more problems in the long run.

  4. by   NightShiftCNA
    they are taking them away from all of us...except the RNs and LPNs
    but we have NO 2-10 hired..we've been the 2-10 after supper, and administration is 1 month new in the building...first adm job also and behind the change....even though we've never met or spoke to him....not any night shift aides.....i really like my nurses and the residents and dont want to play the give me my way or ill quit game....but niether dio i want a 5 day a week job(kids) and
    i'm just upset that we were never even asked if we cared or nothing....just told, but that is typically a noc problem...but we are all dependable and work hard and it is just frustrating I guess...dont want to loose the hours either, thanks and we'll see what tomarrow brings